Customer feedback form

The Office of the University of Gondar Registrar is a unit of the university responsible for all operational matters pertaining to student admission, selection, placement, registration, allocation of classrooms, lecture halls and academic records of all faculties and graduates according to University of Gondar senate legislation Article 155. The office create and maintain up-to-date and accurate information on student admission, placement, registration, academic performance, retention, attrition and graduation based on types, programs and modes of delivery. The office also prepare and issue the Academic Calendar, University Catalogue(s) and admission prospectus and student handbooks of the University on a regular basis, it issue transcripts, degrees, diplomas and certificates. It prepares the list of candidates approved by the AUC and the Senate eligible for the award of degrees, diplomas, and certificates, Oversee all admissions of students from foreign schools are conducted as per the rules and regulations of the University and keep up-to-date record of alumni. The major services provided by the Registrar and Alumni Directorate on the day-to-day bases are Language of proficiency, Authentication /True copy, Official transcript, Degree/Diploma/Student Copy/Certificate, Changing Name of current student (not for graduating class) that is approved by the recognized legal service, Birth Date Amendment from the transcript and write letter “To whom It May Concern” as per request. Evaluating the customer satisfaction of the services that are offered by the office of the registrar periodically and to make the necessary amendment based on the feedback obtained via this questioner and other means is the main objective of this questioner. This is part of the initiative to make major reform regarding the customer satisfaction and services delivered by the university of Gondar registrar office. I would like to appreciate for your time in filling this questioner. Your comments and suggestions and summary of the responses compiled from this questionnaire will only be used for the sake of re-assessing the customer satisfaction of the service offered by the registrar office and device the best strategy of up-grading service delivery.