Key Achievements


Websites and applications are developed and adopted such as academic portal, student placement, apartment management, e-justice for customers, project management, laboratory information management, student information guides and the UoG website.

Crops and livestock

Various improved livestock breeds and crop varieties are adapted, popularized and demonstrated including dairy synchronization, one-day old chicken, quality protein maize, improved food and malt-barley participatory varietal selection, dukem tef, and vegetables.

Crops and livestock Demonstration and popularization of water melon for farmers

Crops and Vegetable popularization at Gorgora

Crops and Vegetable pop



Adopted technologies

Several technologies are designed, fabricated and transferred to end users such as village electrification using solar panels, tef row planter, honey bee colony transfer, vermi- composting, dog restraining tools, bone crushing machine, pharmacy compounding.

Bone crusher machine
COVID-19 preventive tools and equipments

COVID-19 preventive tools and equipment are designed and assembled. Some of the technologies include mechanical ventilator, IV-stand, face-shield, automatic and semi-automatic hand washing and dispensers, sanitizer, venture value, splitter, door opener, drone, and other 3D products.

COVID-19 automatic dispensers


COVID-19_Face shields

COVID-19_Mechanical ventilator


COVID-19_Venturi value and door opners


It include methods of petroleum production and beer from finger millet. Utility models such as herbal adhesives, chemical composition for lap top battery and methods of preparation. There is downloadable files Below.


Herbal adhesive_UM_2017

Laptop Battery recharge_UM_2017

Millet beer_UM_2016




UoG participated exhibitions at local and national levels. UoG conducted exhibition in May 2022 and participated at national level during HERT convention in 2021.

Granted technology transfer project

Awards and Recognitions

  • University of Gondar received and offered several awards and recognitions at local, national and international levels.