The School of Pharmacy is the youngest academic portion of College of Medical and Health sciences of University of Gondar. Had only been established in 2000, it has yet showing fast advancements with a visible strides of training pharmacy at diploma to a level of bachelor and then, to the current, post graduate level.

The school is currently made up of the following Department and Units:

Our Mission

The mission of the school of Pharmacy is to offer nationally competitive and internationally recognized learning opportunities, discovery and engagement to a diverse population of students. And also, to educate students to become exemplary providers of pharmacy and patient care services and through excellence in education, research, scholarship and outreach to both advance the practice of pharmacy and become a national leader in improving health.

Our Vision

We aim at becoming the best center of pharmacy training, pharmaceutical care practice, and, pharmaceutical research and community service in East Africa by the year 2020.

Our Work

Pharmacy service is not only concerned with drug dispensing and distribution, but also, to the minimum, with medication monitoring, pharmaceutical patient care practices and provision of drug information. Thus, the school is devoted to train and equip students with the application and practice of clinical pharmacy service and also the perceived job description of pharmacists.

With collaborative care from different health professionals, we teach patient centered pharmacy practice to our students to benefit the society and the country at large in relation to medication related problems. In general, pharmacy encompasses the promotion of safe use of medications, medication quality assurance, meeting the pharmaceutical needs of individual patients, enhanced therapeutic outcomes, drug education, adverse drug monitoring and pharmacovigilance, etc. and our school is devoted to equip students with such aspects of the profession.

The school is committed to contribute for the sustainable socioeconomic development of the country through: training competent Pharmacists that will work on improving health care practice; providing high quality clinical pharmacy services, providing problem based pharmaceutical services and conducting health related researches that will seek to address the community’s problems; and promoting national and international governmental and nongovernmental cooperation and collaboration.

We currently provide undergraduate and postgraduate programs including:

  • Bachelor of Pharmacy (Regular and Continuing education Program)
  • Postgraduate Program in Masters of Science Degree in Pharmacology
  • Postgraduate Program in Masters of Science Degree in Clinical Pharmacy

Research and Community Service

Our staffs and students are providing community services through community pharmacies service at pharmacies in Gondar town, pharmaceutical care services at various wards of the University’s Hospital. We are also involved in drug information services to different health professionals and students, via the drug information center which was recently inaugurated by our school in collaboration with the Hospital. Currently our staff members are also actively engaged in researches and community service projects funded by the University of Gondar.

Our Background

It was in 1993 that the school was officially opened and received students to train pharmacy. Within a time of decade, it has made a stride from training pharmacy in diploma to post graduate level, not forgetting the Bachelor degree program. Since the launch of the school, the school has established four departments and very recently has added a new one, the clinical pharmacy department.

Our Partners and Collaborators

We are working to build collaborative partnerships with interested institutions and organizations in the country or abroad. Currently, we have intact links with MSH/SIAPS, MSH/SCMS, Regional Pharmaceuticals Fund and Supply Agency of Ethiopia.   In collaboration with the mentioned organizations, we are giving “clinical pharmacy in-service training” to pharmacists working in Hospitals in the country, and plan to host other in service trainings, such as Integrated Pharmaceuticals Logistic System. We are also delighted to hearing from organizations and institutions who wish to collaborate and work with us in pharmaceutical researches, trainings and staff exchanges.

If you would like to know more about our work or have any queries please contact:


Bayew Tsega

Head of School of Pharmacy

Tel (office):251-581115679/+251-937644920