Yezbie Kassa (PhD)

Director,  Examination Center
Phone number : +251918781699
Office: +251588111661

Since 2009/10 the University of Gondar has established examination centers in each campus under the supervision of academic vice president. Then by taking the expansion of the university in to consideration and in order to satisfy the needs of customers at the grass root level, examination centers directorate was established under academic vice president in 2014/2015. Each college/faculty/institute/school of the university now has examination centers coordination office with all the necessary human and material requirements fulfilled. Examination centers coordination offices are responsible for both the examination centers directorate and the college/faculty/institute/school in which they belong.

Vision and Mission:


  • Our vision is to make our university one of the competent higher learning institutes both in the country and abroad with regard to providing high quality assessments by 2020.


  • Our mission is to maintain quality education through proper assessment methods. By quality assessment methods, it is possible to produce quality citizens that contribute for the sustainable socioeconomic development of the country.

 Directorate Administration:

  • The directorate has 11 coordinators in the examination centers in each campus besides with the Director of the directorate. Out of the total 12 officials, 9 are male and 3 are females