Dining Service

There are seven dining halls with capacity of 800 students, five modern kitchens are there . The health status of the employees is checked every three months

Dormitory Services

There are 52 buildings and 3079 rooms in all the five campuses .Each room holding capacity varies from four to eight students. For handicapped student ground floors with comfortable toilet rooms are found ready. In each floor there are 8 common toilet rooms and 6 bathrooms.

Health Services

There are five clinics in all campus.  The clinics gives 24 hrs service. For serious health problems the Referral Hospital is there in GCMS campus.

Guidance & Counseling  services

There is a coordination office for guidance and counseling service in the student dean office . The counseling service is given regularly.   

Sport & Entertainment service

-There are five sport and Entertainment offices in all campuses and one sport and Entertainment coordination office at the main campus.

-Both professionals run the whole sport and entertainment services daily. Like DSTV, TV-Rooms, game zones, Lounges, are always ready.